The first round of the Champions League saw a lot of interesting matches. The first of them was the match between the teams from Portugal and Uruguay. The game was held at the Estádio do Maracana, which is located in the capital of the country. The hosts were the team of José Mourinho, which was led by the Portuguese coach. The team was quite confident and played very well.
In the second half of the match, the hosts began to lose their shape. They were not able to find a way to the finish line, so they were kicked out of the tournament. The Portuguese coach was very disappointed with his team’s performance, but he had no time to think about it. He had to focus on the match against the team from Uruguay, which he managed to win.
The game was very interesting, and the following points can be noted:
1. Excellent teamwork. The players of the Portuguese team were very focused on the game, and they did not let their opponents get a chance to score.
2. Good organization of the game. The teams had a good idea of where to go in the game and when to make substitutions.
3. Good selection of players. The coach of the team was able to choose the best performers from the Portuguese national team.
4. Good luck of the hosts. The Maracanas were not the best team in the country, but they were the hosts of the competition.
5. Good weather conditions. The fans were able to watch the game in the stadium and were not disappointed with the result.
This was a great example of a successful game of the teams. The following things can be said about them:
* the Portuguese players were able not to lose concentration, which allowed them to score goals;
* good teamwork;
* the Portuguese were able, despite the fact that they had a bad start, to score three goals in a row;
5* good weather conditions, which helped the team to win the match.

The next match between these teams will be held on November 22. The winner will be invited to the next stage of the championship.
It is interesting to note that the Portuguese club has already won the European Cup, which means that the team has a good chance of winning the next tournament.
You can always find the results of the matches on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the information about the results from all over the world.
The second match of the round was a game between the team Uruguay and the team Portugal. The match was held in the Estadio Nacional in Montevideo. The home team was led mainly by the coach of Portugal, Jose Mourinho. The Uruguayan team was not as confident as the Portuguese one, but managed to get a good result. The final score was 0:1 for the Portuguese.
After the game Uruguay was invited to participate in the next round, which will take place in the summer. The tournament will be called the Champions Cup, and it will be played between the best teams of the Old Continent. The results of this tournament will determine the fate of the European Cups in the future.
One of the main goals of the Uruguyan team is to qualify for the next Champions League stage. The main obstacle for them is the fact of not having a good team. The club has a number of talented players, but many of them are not able yet to perform at the highest level.
However, the team is a real contender for the victory in the tournament, because the main competitors are the teams of England, Germany and Spain.
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The team of Mourinho managed to score a lot in the match with the Portuguese, but the team itself was not able, at the end of the day, to get the victory. The score was 1:1, and this is not the first time that the game ended in such a way.
For the Portuguese side, the victory was a real success, because it was the first in the Champions’ League. The previous time they won the tournament was in 2004.
If you look at the statistics of the games, you can see that the Uruguaians had a hard time in the first half of their game. This is also another evidence that the club is not a real candidate for the European cups.
Another evidence of the difficulties of the Uruguayans is the bad result of the second goal. The goalkeeper of the club, Diego Forlan, was not very active in the second part of the ball, and he made a mistake. The ball hit him in the face, and Forlan lost his balance. The result of this mistake was that the ball hit the goalpost.
Despite the fact, that the goalkeeper was not at the best condition, the game continued. The goal was scored by the Urugualans, and for the second time in a match, they managed to achieve a good score. The last time the team scored a goal was in the last round of Champions League, when they won against the Spanish team Real Madrid.
That was the second victory of the season for the Uruguayians. The other team, which won the previous match, was the Spanish one, and there was a lot to talk about.

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