The opening ceremony of the football tournament of the year took place in Moscow on August 2. The hosts of the event were the Russian Federation and its partners. The tournament was held in the stadium of the Moscow State University, which is located in the center of the capital.
The main event of the day was the start of the tournament. The teams of the Russian federation were ready to play at the first round, but the main favorites of the competition were:
* Dynamo;
* Lokomotiv;
* Zenit.
It was not surprising that the first game of the first group stage was played in the afternoon. The score of the game was 2:0 for the hosts of Dynamo. The game turned out to be very interesting, and the score was 2-0 in favor of the visitors.

The game of Lokomtiv was also interesting, too. The team of the club won the game with a score of 1:1.
In the second group stage, the score of games was 1:0, and it was the first victory of the team of Lokos.
Also, the team from the capital of the country won the match with a goal of its captain.
At the end of the group stage of the championship, the teams will play in the playoffs. The winner of the playoffs will be invited to the next stage of competition.
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The tournament of football was held on August 1, and now the main event is the opening game. The first round of the main championship of the Old World took place. The main favorites were: the teams of Russia, England, Germany, and France.
Of course, the main favorite of the opening match was the team that has been the strongest in the Old Continent for a long time: the Russian team.
However, the first rounds of the championships of the East and the West were not so successful. The games of the teams from Ukraine and Belarus were quite unconvincing.
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Team of Dynamo scores first game in the Champions League
The team of Dynamo was the main contender for the victory in the first games of Champions League. The club has been a contender for a place in the top 4 for a year.
This year, the club has a new coach, the former player of the national team Alexander Kerzhakov. This is the first time that Kerzhkov has led the team. The coach of Dynamo has already managed to get into the playoffs of the Champions league, and he will try to win the title.
One of the most difficult tasks for the team is to get to the semifinals. The previous season, the Dynamo team was in the group of the best of 5, but they lost to the team Zenit with a draw.
During the season, Kerzhov’s team was not the strongest, but in the last rounds, the results began to change. The results of the games of Dynamo were not bad, too, but it was not enough to get a place at the playoffs, especially since the team has a lot of problems with its defense.
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Champions League group stage
The group stage has ended, and there was no surprise at the results of games. The best result of the whole tournament was the victory of Dynamo over the team with a good record of the previous season. The victory of Kerzhova’s team is a great result, but there are still a lot to do.
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Finishing the group stages of the tournaments is a good opportunity to make a good impression on the audience. The matches of Dynamo and the team it defeated in the opening round of Champions league were not very convincing.
Dynamo in the next round of group stage will be very difficult, because it will be the first match of the playoff round.
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The start of group matches was not very successful for the main champion of the Eastern Europe. The problem of the Ukrainian team was the lack of motivation.
After the first matches, the players of the Mersk were ready for the fight for the title of the strongest team in the country. The leaders of the squad are quite confident, and they are ready to do their best.
As a result, the Ukrainian club has already won the group, but this is not the most important result. The most important is the fact that the Meringach has already lost only once.
That is why the team will have a lot more chances to win. The next round will be decisive, because the team needs to finish the group and get into a playoff round, too – it is the best chance to win a place into the next group stage.

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