Real Madrid have been rumoured to be interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo for a long time, but the Portuguese has so far refused to leave Juventus. Now, the club is ready to make a bid for the player, and the rumour mill is already buzzing.
The Spanish giants have been trying to sign the Portuguese for a while now, but failed to do so. The main reason for this is the fact that the Portuguese is not a true team player. The club does not have a good relationship with the player.
Real wants to keep the player for the long run, and this is why they are willing to pay a lot of money for him. The player himself is not too happy with the club, but he is ready for a new challenge.
This is what the club can do now, because the player is ready and willing to leave the club. The Portuguese has already stated that he will not play for the club anymore, and he will move to a new club. This is exactly what Real Madrid are trying to do.
However, the player himself has a lot to say about the club and its management. He is ready, and it is his desire to play in the Champions League. The Madrid club is not going to let this opportunity pass by, and they are ready to pay the price for it.

The club has already made a number of transfers, and now they are trying out a few more. One of them is the signing of the French midfielder, who is ready at all times to help the club win gold medals. The transfer of the player will be a good addition to the team, because now the club has a number one goalkeeper and a number two defender.
It is also worth mentioning the acquisition of the Belgian defender, who will be able to play both in defense and in attack. The Belgian is a player who can be used in various ways, and Real Madrid will have to decide which one of them will be the most effective.
There is no doubt that the club will make a number transfers in the near future, and we will see how successful they will be.
Livescore football results of the most interesting matches
The football season is in full swing, and there is no better time to watch the livescore football matches. The fans can always find out the latest information about the matches on the website of sports statistics.
In the current season, the football world is full of intrigue, and many interesting matches are held at the same time. The teams are trying their best to win the title of the strongest, but it is not easy to do this, because each of the competitors has a different style of playing.
Thus, the main rival of the Red Devils is the Manchester City. The Citizens have been in the top 4 for a number years now, and their main goal is to get into the Champions league zone.
They have been playing in the Europa League for a couple of years now. The team has a good lineup, and its main players are:
· Carlos Tevez;
·3. David Silva;
·4. Sergio Aguero;
.5. Kevin De Bruyne.
These players are able to provide the Citizens with a good level of performance, and at the right time they can make a comeback to the Champions club.
Fans can always follow the livescores football results on the sports statistics website. The information about them is updated in real time, and you can always learn about the latest news from the world of your favorite sport.
Football matches of the EPL table
The English Premier league table is full with intrigue. The fight for the title is very intense, and each match is a real test for the teams.
Manchester United has a very good lineup. The players have a lot in common, and if one of the members of the team misses a goal, the whole team will miss a goal.
Jose Mourinho’s squad is not very strong at the attack, and that is why it is so difficult to break the Manchester United’s defense.
Liverpool is another team that is trying to break into the top-4. The Reds have a very strong lineup, which can be called a “battery”. The squad has a great number of players, and one of their main goals is to win gold cups.
Chelsea has a strong lineup and is able to make quick substitutions. The Blues have a number 1 goalkeeper, a number 2 defender, and a midfielder who is able in many ways to help his team.
Arsenal is another club that has a promising lineup. However, the team is not able to show its full strength on the field, and so far it has not managed to win a trophy.
All livescore results of EPL matches
Now, it is much easier to follow the EFL Cup and EPL results. The website of the sports information provides all the necessary information about both competitions.
At the moment, the fight for gold medals is very tense, and all the teams are ready for any fight. The EFL cup is held every year, and in the final match, the teams have to fight for a place in the European Cup zone. The first round of the tournament was held in the summer, and Liverpool has won the first place.

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