Cristian Ronaldo has scored his first goal in the Serie A, and it was a goal of the Portuguese player that was the main news of the day. The goal came in the 62nd minute of the match against Sassuolo.
The Portuguese player was playing in the middle of the field, and he managed to score a goal. The ball was kicked to him by the Sassuoliero goalkeeper, and the goal was scored by the Portuguese.
This goal was a real surprise for many fans, as the team had been in the lead for a long time. The previous game of the team was against Atalanta, and Cristiano Ronaldo managed to get the ball in the net.
However, the goal of Ronaldo was not the only surprise of the game. The team had a lot of other problems, and they were not able to win the game, but they managed to win a draw.

The team was led by the coach of the club, Antonio Conte, who was very active in the game of Juventus. He managed to make the team look really good, and this was the reason for the success of the Juventus in the season.
Conte’s team is in the top 4 of the Serie a, and their chances of getting into the top-4 is quite high. The coach of Juventus is very active, and his team is ready to fight for the title.
If the team wins the championship, it will be the first time in a long period that the club has won the title, and in the next season, it is very likely that the team will get into the Champions League zone.
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Latest Serie A results
The season of the Italian championship has already ended, and there were a lot more interesting events. The first matches of the new season of Serie A showed that the new Juventus team is not as good as its previous one.
In the first match, the team of Conte was not able, but it was not enough for the victory. The players of the coach managed to achieve a draw, and then they were able to score the goal.
It is the first goal of Cristiano, and Conte”s team was not in the best shape, but the players managed to play well, and managed to create a lot.
After the game against Atletico, Juventus had a good start, and now they are in the first place of the championship. The next match of the Turineses will be against Lazio, and we will see how the team performs in this match.
Lazio is in a very difficult position, and if the team does not manage to get out of this situation, it may be very difficult to get into European competitions.
Juventus’ chances of winning the championship are quite high, and many fans are expecting the team to do well in the new tournament.
Main results of the season
The new season is very interesting, and fans can always find out the latest news on, where the information is updated in real time.
At the beginning of the tournament, Juventus was in the leading position, but after a few matches, the gap between the team and the leaders began to grow.
Now, the club is in third place of Serie a. The gap between Juventus and the second place is quite large, and Lazio is quite far behind.
Fans can follow the results of matches of their favorite team on website, where they will find the latest information about the games of the teams and their performance.
One of the main goals of the Lazio was to get to the Champions league zone, but in the end, the players of this team were not very successful.
They lost all their games, and even in the match with Milan, the game ended in a draw for the team. The main problem of the players was the fact that they were tired after the game and did not show their best game.
Another problem of Lazio in the tournament was the bad luck of the games. The club lost all its matches, and some of them were not even worth watching.
Among the reasons for the failure of the fans of the football club, the most important are the following:
1. Lack of motivation. The fans of Lazios are not very happy with the team, and sometimes they do not even watch the games, because they are not able.
2. Lackadaisical game. Lazio players did not play in the most attractive way, and often the team lost the ball.
3. Lack the experience of the leaders. The leaders of the national team of Italy are not at their best, and so the team has no one to lead them.
4. Inability to use the ball effectively. The game of Lazia is not very exciting, and its players are not always able to make a good pass.
5. Lack a good coach. The head coach of Lazias is the legendary Gennaro Gattuso, who is famous for his good results in the national championship.
All the results from the matches of Lazi are available on the website of the sports statistics, where fans can follow their favorite teams’ games.

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